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Services in the field of mechanical engineering are crucial to maintaining and optimizing the service life, functionality and efficiency of machines. These services offer a variety of solutions, ranging from maintenance to modernization, improving the overall performance of the machines.

State-of-the-art repair and maintenance services offer a comprehensive solution to quickly get machines back into operation in the event of breakdowns or problems. Use of advanced analysis tools and highly trained technicians enable rapid troubleshooting and repairs to minimize downtime and ensure operational continuity.


Service Button

The innovative SAS Softec service button on the HMI is an efficient method for transmitting a direct error analysis to the SAS Softec engineers and triggering a ticket in the ticket system.  This service button enables a direct and quick analysis of the error that has occurred without complicated and slow communication channels, often before the company's internal service personnel reach the system. This speeds up the troubleshooting process and allows downtime to be minimized

Ticket System

Our service ticketing system is critical to effectively managing customer inquiries, resolving issues and providing support. Our system provides tools and features to optimize customer support and increase service quality.

A central feature of our innovative ticket system is the recording and organization of customer inquiries in the form of tickets. Customers can submit their inquiries via various channels such as the service button on the system or via email, telephone or online forms. The system automatically creates tickets, assigns them unique identifiers and assigns them to categories or escalation levels accordingly.

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