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Glass technology

Innovative glass processing equipment for cleaning, coating and etching techniques play a crucial role in improving the quality, functionality and aesthetic diversity of glass surfaces. These machines are largely responsible for the precision, efficiency and versatility in refining glass.

The current developments of machines and technologies in glass processing for cleaning, coating and etching help to create glass surfaces with a wide range of functions and properties. These technologies play an important role in the electronics and automotive industries, among others, and contribute to the creation of high-quality and functional glass products.

For the next generation of advanced packaging, glass substrates play a crucial role in the scaling of transistors.

Scaling is critical to the progress and development of the semiconductor industry, and glass substrates are a viable and essential next step for the next generation of semiconductors.

Compared to today's substrates, glass offers special properties such as extremely good flatness and optimized thermal and mechanical stability, which leads to a significantly improved connection density in a substrate. 


The first production-related wet chemical systems for the development of innovative processes for glass substrates have already been delivered to well-known customers. 

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