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Since 2015, SAS Softec GmbH has been offering all solutions in the area of electrical and software development in the world's leading systems for texturing processes from the joint venture partner Exateq GmbH in the area of photovoltaics.

Innovations in the field of photovoltaic machines have contributed significantly to improving the efficiency, reliability and cost structure of solar energy. These machines and technologies play a central role in the production of solar cells and modules and help to continuously increase the performance of solar energy systems.


One of the most innovative technologies in photovoltaics is currently perovskite tandem cell technology. SAS Softec GmbH develops and builds innovative cleaning and coating systems for this new cell technology. 

Exatequ. machine.png


Wafer M2 (161.75x161.75) uptoM12 (210x210) 


We develop and build these production machines

in collaboration with our joint venture partner

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